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The brand new “Ultimate Edition” e-book of my first novel, The Night Prophets, was published by Black Death Books on July 16, 2013, and is now available for Kindle, Nook, and other platforms. I’m calling this version my “preferred edition” of the book. It contains a new introduction, a piece called “Taking Communion With the Night Prophets,” which tells how I came to write the book and explains some of the differences between this edition and the original paperback:

It differs substantially from the novel that was ultimately published by New American Library at the tail end of 1989. Just for starters, the title is different. When I wrote the book, the title was three words: The Night Prophets. NAL later decided to drop the article and call it simply Night Prophets. Why? I wish I knew. That riddle always perplexed me, and the answer is a mystery to me even now. At the time the word was dropped, it seemed like a small change, nothing more than a cosmetic touch-up. But it was only the beginning. Much more important, this version of the book is substantially longer, as it restores a great deal of material that was cut for the original paperback publication. Some things are also in a different order, particularly at the beginning and the end of the story. Many of the changes are minor, some a little more significant. For example – and I don’t think I’ll spoil anything if I tell you this – at least two of the characters meet a different end in this version of the tale than they did in the NAL edition.


… what you’re getting this time around is much more detail, more background, more depth, a deeper inside look at the religious movement at the heart of the novel, and more time spent getting to know all of the characters – the good guys a little bit and the bad guys a lot. Things that seemed to happen with little or no justification in the original may now make more sense. Questions you may have had while reading the original will now be answered. Things that didn’t quite add up will now be explained. Two plus two will equal four, instead of 3.998. In summary, the book you’re holding now is the tale the way I always wanted to tell it.

Publishing the “complete and uncut” version of this tale is something I always wanted to do — something I had dreamed about for many years but never truly believed would happen. I am grateful beyond words to my editor, the incomparable K.H. Koehler, and the entire crew at KHP Publishers, Inc., for making it happen. They have been insightful, kind, supportive, helpful, enthusiastic, and downright fun to work with throughout the entire process of bringing this long-lost novel back to life.

You can buy the “Ultimate Edition” right now by clicking here!


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